Hey Kids   This week’s Parshah is Matois Masei – Mateh means a stick – this teaches us, the Rebbe says, that even when you take a stick off a tree; unlike say a leaf that will wither, the stick actually only gets stronger! – You see, you are a stick – your Neshomoh (soul) comes from Hashem and was put into your body – but the goal wasn’t to take you away from Hashem; rather to make you far more powerful – because on earth where Hashem made two options – one to follow foolish activities (mostly what the media shows you) or to follow Hashem (mostly what your mind tells you, and certainly the Torah) and when you choose to do the right thing you become not only a strong staff, but even stronger, than when your soul was in heaven – For when your soul was in heaven, it was like a branch attached to the tree, and because it is moist, it can bend (so when you come to earth, you are able to go in one of two directions) but once you make the choice, “I am here to do good, to make Hashem, myself, and my parents proud!” then and only then, are you truly like Hashem’s tall strong staff!!!!!

    Arab hate goes back four thousand years (to the birth of Isaac, when Yishmoel realizing that Israel would belong to his younger brother tried to kill him (as commentaries explain the terminology “Was Playing” – “He Was Pretending To Be Shooting Arrows Which Narrowly Missed Isaac” – which is why Sara had him expelled – He then went to Arabia (Arab= Arabia) and a deep resentment… as published by Former PLO Terrorist “In The Mind Of Terror” And “Once An Arafat Man,” writes.) As the first article of the PLO charter says, “A Palestinian is an Arab.” (Of course that’s important because Israel was never called “Palestine” – before the Jews miraculously conquered it 3,300 years ago it had (as was the norm before nations were formed) 30 city-states, with seven indigenous tribes (all long forgotten;) After Israel was established it was called “Judea” – This can be seen on the minted coins celebrating Jerusalem’s downfall by Rome which write “Judea Capta” (captured.) After the Jews revolted to get their ancestral land back, the Romans tried to suppress any ties, hence they renamed it Palastina – it then went basically from western rulership to eastern, over the course of time.) Arabs come from Arabia. When Israel was established the Arabs never called themselves Palestinians; All Arab countries united in 1. The desire to create G-d forbid another holocaust 2. Many had local pogroms. After the holocaust, where hundreds of thousands of Jews needed a home, Britain refused a Jewish homeland; the Irgun through terrorist activities (many based on tit-for-tat – reprisal for British atrocities) made them wish to disengage. At that time, the Arabs were offered part, and the Jews part; but as the Arabs are based on Jealousy, hence they don’t want Israel; they don’t want the Read more…

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