In the end of the day, the very nature of a a human is we seek to be free – now what is freedom if not, not slavery – but the irony is, as God who created both the freedom and slavery and effectively is the treasure map to freedom, begins his first spiritual soul guide (to Abraham) by explaining – (effectively) You are a composite of both heaven and hell, both happiness and misery – your soul, your spirit, you idealism, your heart is heaven (remember your compassion, your ideals, your sensitivity, your love…) Your fears, your instincts, your desires, that’s slavery – now Kabbalah teaches us, how to free ourselves (for it’s all well and good to say what is heaven and hell, but how do you extricate yourself from what you perceive to be yourself?!) and perhaps the best way is to imagine two things – the first is the future of your body (from where these fears and lust emanate) well not to be too graphic (but it’s for the exercise) have you ever seen a dead animal – have you seen how the flies and perhaps maggots eat it? – do you realize that will happen to your body – but the real you, your consciousness, your humble happy spirit that will always be