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We cannot ignore that the way God made the world, those “under” seek the affection of those “over” – this is why women like men, men like more powerful (men or women) and why certain cultures that see themselves as “under,” have an attraction to those they consider over

what the west learns unfortunately the hard way – evil hates the good – as Churchill, the one person who rallied unsuccessfully for ten years for England to stop the Hitler madman (and only when the bombs were literally dropping on London did the Government give him power) “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”

The infinite truth – evil is very subtle (ironically as is good – for the former seeks the destruction of self-respect, while the latter the construction) but the tell-tale sign of someone who has unfortunately been infected by hate is that they are a. grandiose b. demeaning (narcissism; and conversely the tell-tale sign of goodness and love, a. they are humble b. respectful – this is the greatest most important truth)

I need to apologize – I think some of my writings have been too radical

Amazing Inspirational Article


knowledge means nothing – change means well growth

In case we haven’t realized – there is only one holy address (though thousands of fake)