Daily Archives: July 13, 2017

The Gift Of Infinite Growth – few realize the nature of reality – in fact in my own life it has taken an experiential wisdom to understand – in fact if you haven’t experienced it, I venture to say you probably won’t (or possibly can’t; like explaining color to someone color-blind, music to someone deaf, and sight to someone blind) however as Kabbalah teaches, there is from the literally infinite (millions, billions, trillions, googilians of different species, angels, creatures etc. that inhabit the infinite universes (obviously spiritual, beyond, but sometimes within – as the spiritual is not outside of our realm, rather the reverse) all of these creations, from the highest angels to the lowest ameba are “single-celled organisms” – in other words, they serve like each organ of the body a specific function in a cosmic plan – but there is one, but one specie that has been given the gift that as soon as you achieve one growth – the next has been designed – you can never grow haughty or complacent – never lazy or lack meaning

Judaism, Jewish mysticism, hence Go-d, hence truth, hence goodness, hence kindness, has simply one single rule: never shame – this is the meaning behind the story, that when a gentile asked Hillel “what is the basis of Judaism?” he said – “never do to another that which you don’t want” – the meaning behind this is, we never wish to be shamed – even, or perhaps especially, if we did something wrong – I am not your judge, nor you mine – now this doesn’t mean I should ignore you – the notion of liberty is a mistake – I have a duty as a brother to support, protect, guide (without shaming)

The nature of Go-d – Kind. – In essence creation which is the ability for Him to be kind is as natural as a ball falling, a snowflake drifting, a bird singing – and if that is the fundamental reality – then believe it or not everything – as crazy as it may seem is kindness (for the ultimate kindness is the ability for man to become both fulfilled yet allow us simultaneously to strive – like getting full, then getting hungry – in an infinite cycle of positive (Thank You GO-D!) achievements

There is no such thing as perfect – though there is such a thing as beautiful – in other words, there is no such thing as imperfect, though there is such a thing as ugly or repulsive

There is nothing more unholy – than being

There is a great simple fact, namely that in a thousand years, all that will matter, is obviously all that we would likewise say about a thousand years ago

Just as those who love others do so as they were; for it is the nature of a wave to cause all it touched to also, similarly all other traits – the only two traits not directly caused by others, is jealously and humility