The first absolute over which there is no other is GOD. The second absolute is GOD’s desire – for it is the source. The third absolute is, as the ( for all desires have a motive) reason GOD desired was absolute unconditional unadulterated love born of respect ( for those who are humble see not another’s evil but goodness) hence wishing to do everything he could ( the natural progression of love) not only has he created a physically beautiful world (as GOD says at creation ” An GOD saw ‘It was good’”) most importantly a spiritually meaningful world. The fourth absolute – in order for this world to be spiritually meaningful there has/ had to be a cosmic war between light/ darkness, kindness/ sadisim, and through absolute free choice you choose. The Fifth Absolute-  In order for there to be a choice between light/ darkness, kindness/ sadisim, two opposing souls/ desires were put in this world – the first is love born of identification ( when you see another as you) the second is jealouse hate ( when you believe life isn’t fair, and as it should be, hence for you to shame, demean, abuse another is not only plausible but if you have been maliciously subjected-  as studies show – unless AND HERE IS WHERE FREEDOM OF CHOICE ENTERS – you make a firm resolve stronger than your vengeance (“justice”) instinct, you will become  selfish bully.

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