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A greater debilitating confusing negative transforming disease then shame has yet to be invented

As no one allows you to determine their worldview…

We become believers when we realize that without God we are hopeless

God has for you three missions: the first is for you to become spiritually conscious, the second for you to become spiritually attuned, the third is for you to not be

There are ten absolutes 

The first absolute over which there is no other is GOD.

The second absolute is GOD’s desire – for it is the source.

The third absolute is, as the ( for all desires have a motive) reason GOD desired was absolute unconditional unadulterated love born of respect ( for those who are humble see not another’s evil but goodness) hence wishing to do everything he could ( the natural progression of love) not only has he created a physically beautiful world (as GOD says at creation ” An GOD saw ‘It was good'”) most importantly a spiritually meaningful world.

The fourth absolute – in order for this world to be spiritually meaningful there has/ had to be a cosmic war between light/ darkness, kindness/ sadisim, and through absolute free choice you choose.

The Fifth Absolute-  In order for there to be a choice between light/ darkness, kindness/ sadisim, two opposing souls/ desires were put in this world – the first is love born of identification ( when you see another as you) the second is jealouse hate ( when you believe life isn’t fair, and as it should be, hence for you to shame, demean, abuse another is not only plausible but if you have been maliciously subjected-  as studies show – unless AND HERE IS WHERE FREEDOM OF CHOICE ENTERS – you make a firm resolve stronger than your vengeance (“justice”) instinct, you will become  selfish bully.

Who defines

Reality has but a single absolute