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Everything boils down to unity

Why do bullies, Arabs (literally ) wrap themselves in cloaks of purity/piety, for there is no better cover

How all governments must function – 1. Democracy 2. Capitalism ( as all of history shows this generates wealth) 3. Charity

It all boils down to perception and attitude-  let’s analyze-  the American perception/ attitude is that “you may not tell me what to do, nor I you” ( this is why we have a very peculiar attitude/ perception towards authority and government) however the Jewish perception/  attitude is that you and I are brothers ( hence to a. coerce, would be evil, but likewise to ignore – this fundamental difference plays out in the attitude towards charity, for in the American way, “I am being kind” but in the Jewish way, “if I don’t, I am cruel”) now in Islam the perception / attitude is that if you are Muslim ( of course the right ” kind”) then you are deserving of life, however if you are not-  death; women ( as Mohammed himself demonstrated) sex-slave ( depending on the Islamic sect, Muslim women are male subjects, as Saudia Arabia practices) Christianity ( generally speaking)  sees all people as ( ideally… for all are born in sin) needing saving ( belief in Yoshkeh; though historically violence was often a means, currently this is rejected)

Reality cannot be understood without understanding all the forces – for example to understand a soup you must know its ingredients – furthermore you must know why it was even made – reality like most soups was made because the chef loves you, hence to please you – the ingredients all relate to what will be most pleasing, and as what pleases us most is positive achievement, hence we are challenged

Are you truly free 

Generally speaking – good is kind