Dear Kids,   Today is an awesome day!   It is the day when one of the greatest Jewish heroes Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneerson was released from a false imprisonment.   You see, an evil Russian Government called the communist took power – as they didn’t believe in G-d, they did everything including force, torture and killing, to arrest and charge people who were religious.   The Previous Rebbe, as all our Jewish heroes understood that our first duty is to Hashem.   He had his followers open hundreds of schools, often done in great secrecy under penalty of death (in fact three of my great grandparents were murdered by the evil government for teaching and helping Jews.)   But even though when one of my uncles was arrested, his charge sheet was that “you work for Nissen Nemonov, and Nissen Nemonov works for the Rebbe, and the Rebbe represents G-d in Russia!” – so they felt he was their biggest enemy, still due to internal pressure, the Russians bowed and freed the Rebbe who eventually arrived in America, and restarted Judaism.   So if you and I are Jewish today it’s all thanks to our great heroes – will you be the next?

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