Daily Archives: July 7, 2017

There is no crime worse than shaming

Until we abandon hate namely resentment hence anger hence the desire for vengeance …

King Solomon said if a couple have love, even a bed the edge of a sword is wide enough, but without love, even a palace isn’t big enough

Imagine God sends a proven prophet, a man whose every word miraculously has come true beyond expectations and he says to you “get ready for in a day the Messiah will come”, would you believe him?

Make not who you aren’t, who you are

In today’s Torah reading there is the famous prophecy of Billam – one of his words are, God sees no sins or faults in Jacob – does God not see everything? – however there are three types of eyes: the first born in a secure environment hence filled with love can see nothing but – those encountering wanton evil, hence fearing recurrence become obsessed ( for fear hijacks the brain to focus on it, much as pain, and in this state all we see is what we fear) now as man is naturally jealous of the good another has, if we believe we are no less entitled, hence our jealousy which is pure evil ( for it is the desire to annihilate the joy in another – which is behind terrorism, bullying, anti semitism, anti pretty much anything) creates ” logical reasons” justifying abuse-  though of-course anyone abusing would consider it wrong if someone abused THEM, for the same justifications.-  finally the most important grand finale is the ability to simultaneously be able to love and judge – this is when we overcome fear and choose to love and hence not being naive nor timid, we are able to simultaneously as a parent to a child love and judge/ educate

The truest truth – there are obviously many levels – Though you may teach a child about God, right/ wrong, certainly as his levels of perception have yet to be grown hence his ability to assimilate higher concepts… – the truest truth which obviously gets to the fundamentally core desire for which the Creator created, hence your and my existence, is that creation is the natural progression due to the innate humble hence respectful hence loving/ admiring heart of the Creator ( the only example we have of this is why we choose not only to have children but with love dedicate our lives for them-  and s/he with an ounce of intelligence-  comprehending that each and every person is God’s holy child will a. do all for another b. Be willing to be burnt alive before insulting God ( another)