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I find nothing more pleasurable than holding a heart

Do you think

The mind is a mirror – that which it sees outside of itself, is actually itself

The hidden truth – when society is good, our goodness emanating from innate compassion, though being compassionate, but as we saw in Nazi Germany and in liberal Americans infected with Obama- radicalism, that this compassion can be altered to well the next possibility, namely in a savage “man eat man society” our pleasure actually is the demeaning, destruction, rape, torture, as we see empirically by the Nazis as well as Arabs ( and is Obama’s and all radicals true desire… though as their ABILITY  may not be there, lesser evils such as shaming, abuse through regulations etc. takes its place) finally there are the precious few souls who go beyond

The true difference between a good versus not so good – the good person forgoes 

There are really but three life possibilities – the first that the reality you were born into, is Reality  (a little like Aristotle believed the universe always existed) The second, a rejection both of your reality, as well as hostility ( this is the result of abuse) thirdly finding the infinite truth