How the infinite loving heart manifests his love – as Kabbalah teaches, the essence of God is both love as well as infinite ability – so if you had both, what would you do? – here: You see, the nature of love is to give – so here: You see, in order to give you must, well give; so here: Here is all the blessings – to begin a person must love themselves (without self-love there can be no joy) secondly, in order for a person to feel good about themselves they must accomplish – ironically these two paths (self-love and accomplishment) are in contradistinction to one another – for if I love myself unconditionally, no need to accomplish (and if my need to accomplish is based on low self-esteem, I still have a problem) so how to bridge this subconscious chasm? – the answer is, what if you make a Jew and put him in a world in which he has two options, light and darkness (and this really applies to everybody) I can either be holy or simply be regular

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