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How the infinite loving heart manifests his love – as Kabbalah teaches, the essence of God is both love as well as infinite ability – so if you had both, what would you do? – here: You see, the nature of love is to give – so here: You see, in order to give you must, well give; so here: Here is all the blessings – to begin a person must love themselves (without self-love there can be no joy) secondly, in order for a person to feel good about themselves they must accomplish – ironically these two paths (self-love and accomplishment) are in contradistinction to one another – for if I love myself unconditionally, no need to accomplish (and if my need to accomplish is based on low self-esteem, I still have a problem) so how to bridge this subconscious chasm? – the answer is, what if you make a Jew and put him in a world in which he has two options, light and darkness (and this really applies to everybody) I can either be holy or simply be regular

Give Your Money Now

I have a friend who saved his entire life – well we had a chat, I encouraged him to give charity, he agreed,  but he was just too cheap


Well now he had to go to an old age home – so before they accepted him they took all his money

The only comprehensive truth

What life has taught me – it’s like this very wise over 9o year old man I visited – when I asked him that question he said – “I’m learning new things every day”

Great Article


Instinct is the enemy of conscience

To fear criticism is to be the world’s hostage

To paraphrase Einstein either God has or hasn’t come to you