Daily Archives: July 4, 2017

Realities five dimensions: let’s begin – obviously the dimension we experience which is nano-meters ( think nano particles) on the electro-magnetic scale – in other words, our dimension, like all dimensions is simply the mechanism of an infinite creator unlimited by time space even matter ( for he has the ability to create) to cause independent consciousness to exist – but the key thing to recall is that if I create say a video game and continuously so, then I equally have the ability to merge, appear, disappear, guide 

The Time We Spend

we are sitting today literally on tomes of not only information, but as they say, there’s no greater wisdom than experience, and all of it boils down to this, to the extent that you listen to God and don’t listen to yourself – is the extent that you will be satisfied

If you are acceptable, you have no need to be

What is the problem with a dog – on one hand they seem so friendly, yet they lack consideration – the same applies to people who like the Arabs are filled with passion, without compassion

 I recently watched a documentary on fire walking and when you think about how hypnosis alters reality – hence if our thoughts can affect the physical, how much more so the spiritual

As is obvious – see last blog – in every generation God gives us such a mind