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Learn the Rebbe’s Directives for The Upcoming Festival Of Yud Beis, Yud Gimmel Tammaz This Friday / Shabbos


We are amazing creatures – to the extent that we are feeling good or bad is the extent that we wish this upon everyone

In “What The Bleep Do We Know,” One Of The Physicists (The One Who Pretty Much Understood How We Don’t…) Said, “All We Need To Do (To Understand Quantum Physics, Is To Make A Quantum Leap) For We Have A Tendency To Imagine That The World Outside Of Us Exists “Independent” Of Us – That’s All It Takes… But It’s A Difficult Leap!” – Similarly, We Must Understand God “Doesn’t Exist” – We See God, As An “Outside Force”, When Everything Is Within!

Nothing is more dangerous than both comfort (which leads to indolence – hence the west for example allows hitler etc. to murder, only acting when it makes THEM uncomfortable) but likewise discomfort (for it is the very cause of hitler – people who are miserable…) hence the solution is that on one hand you should be both physically and emotionally comfortable, but then you must create an internal discomfort (hence there is no anger, only motive)

All wars, arguments, fights, bullying, even terrorism, anti-Semitism, in fact all antis (even anti, anti) all boils down to jealousy – but what exactly are people jealous over? – if we think about how the Jews were harassed, tortured, murdered etc. – even unfortunately many Christians by the sick Muslims – the answer is DIGNITY – you see more than anything else all people desire to be loved – so when you have cultures that demean, coerce (both the German and Muslim Arab being good examples – Islam itself means submission – it represses freedom of conscience etc. (under penalty of death) hence the citizens develop an internal rage – but, and this is a most important BUT – when the citizens in the countries founded on the Biblical premise that man is holy, hence worthy! are not willing to step into the line of fire, they enable

Do you know, who are you

Our need to shame, demean, lower others, is commensurate with how much we have