The dual approach



You see to every person there is what is called a worldview, a weltanschauung, in common English, a narrative


If you exist and your brain functions, you have a story – it may be a dreamlike-fantasy or a Kafkian-nightmare, It may be one that “work earns”; whatever it is, without a narrative you cannot function


In fact, trauma is when your narrative blows up – and this causes a while, in which you must form a new narrative


Trauma in fact is important, for from the hopefully protected childhood one must at some point grow up (this is ironically why so many Americans, protected as Henry Kissinger says, from sea to shining sea, are absolutely clueless – for example, giving weapons of mass destruction to our enemies – case in point: we armed ever single terrorist group – not realizing, well, terrorists will lie!)


Now Judaism (at least the truth, based on the philosophy and mysticism) has a very unique narrative – for it has both the notion of reward and punishment, but the notion behind it all is love – in other words, reward and punishment is not because you are a pawn, rather as a parent tells you “Look, I love you, therefore I will not coerce you, but if you touch this hot stove…”


The benefit of such an approach is,    it means,   well, I am loved!!!  –

and as a Rabbi I must tell you, that the same truth, namely, “God loves you,” therefore he advises you to love; for your love evokes, well, both Divine and human love, is true.

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