There is no denying the truth – firstly there are probably infinite truths (every level has its own truth, ever soul its own etc.) however, as it relates to us, there are really only three things – the first is that the structure of a person is as follows – we are like a three story building – but every building has a foundation – at the human level, the foundation which is invisible (as the Baal Shem Tov explains) is our ego – our ego is the core of not only our identity, but the very sense of self (which considering that before we develop our identity, scarcely a year before, we were not in any way shape or form in this planet, it is a remarkable feat!) hence it is obvious that not only do we have this crazy notion that we exist (which is amazing! for as we have blogged the line “I think therefore I am,” but who is the am that is thinking?? hence there is an independent conscious “awareness” of ITSELF! – now where did that come from?!) However the point is we also have a self-love – this self-love (which its contrast can be seen in depression, which often leads to suicide) so this self-love is what causes us to want to exist! – but not only to want to exist, what it does, it associates all of our desires, and eventually thoughts/ideas, with self – So now, not only do I wish to exist, but as I imagine MY DESIRE IS ME, hence to GET MY WAY is not so much an issue, if this thing is in my interest… but THE VERY FACT THAT I DESIRE IT MAKES ME WANT TO GET IT (as I associate my desire with me, hence with MY EXISTENCE!) until we can break free… – until when we are not one person, but three: we are actually at our core (as all is and must be) God-Himself, and the desire of God is only LOVE (identification, hence sensitive compassion) this is why as children, when our ego is low, our sensitivity is high – secondly, we are what is called an animal-soul, this soul has in it many desires – most selfish, though some compassionate – for example, within the animal soul there are four elements – air- fire – water – earth – air represents our innate desire for fun (“airhead”) fire represents our innate desire for supremacy (or in democratic societies, recognition) earth represents our tendency to get lazy or sad, and water represents our obvious addiction to pleasure (drugs or anything that gives us a high) conversely the animal soul obviously fears pain; now finally, what is unique in us humans and perhaps the true purpose of creation, is an independent mind (whereas often some animals are actually very smart, their brain is like a computer, used solely by their emotions governed by their instinct – so the animal must have a. an ego, b. a brain (otherwise it couldn’t say, hunt etc.) and c. instincts ) however a human has a unique intellectual soul – this soul is what makes us seek truth

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