There is no denying the truth – firstly there are probably infinite truths (every level has its own truth, ever soul its own etc.) however, as it relates to us, there are really only three things – the first is that the structure of a person is as follows – we are like a three story building – but every building has a foundation – at the human level, the foundation which is invisible (as the Baal Shem Tov explains) is our ego – our ego is the core of not only our identity, but the very sense of self (which considering that before we develop our identity, scarcely a year before, we were not in any way shape or form in this planet, it is a remarkable feat!) hence it is obvious that not only do we have this crazy notion that we exist (which is amazing! for as we have blogged the line “I think therefore I am,” but who is the am that is thinking?? hence there is an independent conscious “awareness” of ITSELF! – now where did that come from?!) However the point is we also have a self-love – this self-love (which its contrast can be seen in depression, which often leads to suicide) so this self-love is what causes us to want to exist! – but not only to want to exist, what it does, it associates all of our desires, and eventually thoughts/ideas, with self – So now, not only do I wish to exist, but as I imagine MY DESIRE IS ME, hence to GET MY WAY is not so much an issue, if this thing is in my interest… but THE VERY FACT THAT I DESIRE IT MAKES ME WANT TO GET IT (as I associate my desire with me, hence with MY EXISTENCE!) until we can break free… – until when we are not one person, but three: we are actually at our core (as all is and must be) God-Himself, and the desire of God is only LOVE (identification, hence sensitive compassion) this is why as children, when our ego is low, our sensitivity is high – secondly, we are what is called an animal-soul, this soul has in it many desires – most selfish, though some compassionate – for example, within the animal soul there are four elements – air- fire – water – earth – air represents our innate desire for fun (“airhead”) fire represents our innate desire for supremacy (or in democratic societies, recognition) earth represents our tendency to get lazy or sad, and water represents our obvious addiction to pleasure (drugs or anything that gives us a high) conversely the animal soul obviously fears pain; now finally, what is unique in us humans and perhaps the true purpose of creation, is an independent mind (whereas often some animals are actually very smart, their brain is like a computer, used solely by their emotions governed by their instinct – so the animal must have a. an ego, b. a brain (otherwise it couldn’t say, hunt etc.) and c. instincts ) however a human has a unique intellectual soul – this soul is what makes us seek truth


For Kids – Body and Soul

The Rebbe teaches that we are both a body and soul


However our soul has two parts – those things we really really really want and we run after getting them and those things that we feel that even though we want it, it wouldn’t matter so much even if we don’t get it.


The challenge of life is to understand which desires should we really really reallly want – like really really really wanting to listen to Hashem, for every time we do, we bring Moshiach closer!! and which of our desires really won’t make that much of a difference if we don’t,  for example, if we didn’t get an extra candy, or play a game, or watch anything.


Quotes from the Rebbe – Shabbos Parshas Chukas 10 Tammuz

Today as all days in the year is a combination of two numbers, the weekday and the month date.

Today is the seventh day of the week and the tenth day of the month.

The days of the week represent the perfection of God, however the days of the month ( which is established through the Jewish people) represent the Addition, that we perfect; to the completely new heaven and earth in the messianic age.

There are three dimensions, the natural order, the supernatural order, and how they merge.

The Mitzvah of Parah Aduma includes the whole Torah as its ashes had to be mixed in water – now fire symbolizes the Jews desire to elevate, while water symbolizes our need to quench this desire to fulfill our Divine earthly mandate to spread the light.
The ultimate is not when these two elements are separate, rather as I seek to ascend, I am conscious that the purpose is to take whatever  will receive to spread it; and as I am spreading light, I simultaneously seek to go higher.

There are two mechanism in the service of God – those things that are standard such as prayer, Mitzvos etc. and those things which inherently being unlimited we must continuously increase – for example charity etc.


Quotes from the Rebbe – Mammer Nasata 12 Taamuz 5736

All of us have within us the soul of Abraham hence as God tested him he tests us..

Avrohom opened the spiritual service of Mesiras Nefesh self- sacrifice.

To withstand tests this takes mesirus nefesh.

Mesirus nefeh is cuased through our bittul self-nullification.

In general all of Torah and Mitzvos must be based on mesirus nefesh.

The main thing is to have Mesirus Nefesh, complete humble dedication to God ( as though this is the only normalcy.)

It is specifically the concealing challenges to act based on faith, that reveal our soul/God.

This is like Avrohom that he realized the world working its many parts in tandem, must have a Creator and then the Creator revealed himself which refers to the level of Yechidah, the spark of Creator that becomes our soul.

Furthermore he revealed to everyone this high perception.

Avrohom taught the world, that it is not only that this world has a creator, but that creation and creator are a single entity – Ein Oid Milvadoi.

Furthermore, unlike Rabbi Akiva who craved to give his life to God, for Avrohom whose self-sacrifice – seeing himself relative to God  as dust and ashes, hence all he did including risking his life was simply natural – when one achieves this level, not only are they humble but it carries with total strength, as we see that Avrohom managed to inspire the entire world – whom were pagans.

Generally there are two services, birurim/elevating and nisyoinois / concealing challenges.

In the former such as with food we are engendered to elevate the food through saying a blessing and realizing its sublime Divine source ( as all matter) hence the challenge is in the perception of the object.

However in Nisyoinois the challenge lies in the rejection of the perception.

Now when one is faced with a Nisayon, the mechanism is not to deal with it but recognizing that it is simply a delusion, forging forward as though there is no other path.

The reason our faith is tested, is though the enemies are delusions, and to the extent we stand against them is the extent they crumble, nonetheless to evoke our desire to do God’s will, hence we have these “competitions”.

This is similar to when Abraham went to the akeida, the satan placed a river and Avrohom plunged forth whereupon it disappeared-  similarly when The Fridikeh Rebbe was imprisoned he decided to ignore his captors and not only were they powerless, furthermore they were forced to release him leading to exponential growth.
By studying Torah we gain the power to beat the Yetzer Hara.

Why is it through the soul descending to the lowest depths that it subsequently becomes infinitely higher.

The answer is that the higher something is the lower it falls; hence the world of Tohu which is the source of all physical objects and is higher then from where our souls emenate out of, hence when we use the physical to elevate it, this in turn like a springboard elevates us.

Now when we encounter a Nisayon this is so debased that unlike certain forbidden objects say a horse that still has a positive purpose ( causing its elevation) the entire facade is only there to deny truth hence by its elimination, truth /God is revealed.

Now God made the world in such a manner that one must face these Nisyoinois for he desired that our elevation should be commensurate with our effort ( for hence one may derive satisfaction from the accomplishment.)

Hence as there are unlimited potential revelations hence also challenges.

Now just as the revelations are higher and higher, the challenges lower and lower, for the forefathers were challenged by God, however in exile we were challenged by gentiles which is much lower harder test, and now when gentiles are ( on the whole good) we are challenged through prosperity, which is often the greatest most difficult, for the conning Yetzer Hara slowly but surely entices a person step by step into deeper abysses ( as  we see in the ever more debased media, pornography etc )

All this is only to unleash the Jew’s inner powerful soul resolve which upon this nuclear release all evil dissipates. 

We dissipate evil through firstly the study of Torah from which we derive the inner convictions to powerfully stand up to evil whereupon its delusion falls.

Especially the Torah of children and their knowledge, that this is the only path, breaks the dark forces.

Now the path that inherets both  Israel and Heaven is the lottery path – for just as when one chooses a lottery ticket ( randomly) one uses not ones mind, similarly when one serves God (mesirus nefesh).

Hence by serving God in this way we unify to become one.

Furthermore every soul has a unique Mitzvah in which we are to focus all our energies which literally connects us to our essential Divinity.

Now though one may not be keeping Torah and Mitzvos, nonetheless specifically he may have (as the general principle that the highest souls face the greatest challenges) hence as his soul is so great, in a single moment he can transform his life through accessing the lottery soul part, which can be accessed through asking God what to do and the first thought is unquestionably God’s loving reply.

Similarly in but a moment God will redeem everyone.