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The simplest but most important truth, God is neither against nor in competition, rather in love and for us

What To Do Today Celebrating The Rebbes Continual Heavenly As Well as Earthly Ascent

Here are six simple suggestions:

Things-to-do_Email_07.jpg Learn

Best connections are mind-to-mind. Make some of those by visiting our special collection of essays and videos—and plug your mind into the Rebbe’s ideas.

Things-to-do_Email_11.jpg Pray

Make the light real. On the evening before, light a 24-hour candle, as is customary on the anniversary of a close one’s passing. Even if you don’t regularly attend services, try to get to your local Chabad House.

Things-to-do_Email_14.jpg Give

Partner with one of the Rebbe’s institutions, either at home, in Israel, or abroad, by making a donation that day.

Things-to-do_Email_17.jpg Do

Check out the Ten-Point Mitzvah Campaign the Rebbe initiated. See how you can expand your involvement in any of those mitzvahs. Encourage another Jew to do the same. As the Rebbe would often say, any one mitzvah can transform the entire world.

Things-to-do_Email_19.jpg Write

Write a letter to be placed at the resting place of the Rebbe that day, using our online form. Ask him to help you open the gates of heaven’s blessings—for you, your family and friends at this special time. Mention the resolutions you have made today, and the positive influence you’ve had on others.

Things-to-do_Email_21.jpg Spread the Word

Make a time to sit with your family and talk about the Rebbe, his accomplishments and his vision, and the mission he gave each one of us to prepare this world for the times of Moshiach.


The Proper Care and treatment of children




Why is the most important job in the world given to those with least experience


The answer is it depends


Certainly in the olden days where women were always taking care, hence girls naturally learned how to be mothers


Today men and women often need to know what to do


There are two critical components when it comes to childrearing, the first is the physical and the second the emotional / spiritual.


Generally speaking you can only give what you have


So to begin:


A child obviously needs the feeling that his world is safe


As the parents represent his world and the child can discern if the parent themselves feel safe (hence “am I?…” ) therefore the parent needs to put on a brave front (which is quite obvious, and how all decent parents act)


It is obvious that it is a fortune of physical work which women are biologically and mentally (their brains have much more logical and detail capacity) to do


However all help is greatly appreciated


Never before perhaps in human history has been more important for parents to set boundaries – for society coming formally from a religious bend, veering toward freedom and currently in some kind of apocalyptic anarchy, has none


There are three components to this


  1. You must throw out all media, as it is pornographide – things that no decent human being would remotely consider are mainstream
  2. To the extent possible, your child should either be home schooled or go to a strict religious school
  3. Obviously if you are a bad example – if you are allow yourself to be swallowed by the media then eventually your child will
  4. Today every home must be an oasis

The Proper Care and Treatment of A Wife



Why are the best things in life given the least guidance?


Well someone has to start writing manuals:


Here’s the proper care and treatment of a wife.


Your wife seeks approval.


Every kind word, gesture will be greatly appreciated.


Unlike you, your wife due to her position (for all relationships have a giver / receiver dynamic – except friendships, and whereas in the male / female relationship, the male is the giver and the female receiver) hence she needs to know that she is loved!


As when we NEED TO KNOW THAT WE ARE LOVED (through which we are fundamentally insecure (about the relationship)) IT IS NOT THE BIG THINGS THAT YOU DO THAT MAKE HER FEEL THIS WAY, BUT THE MANY SMALL THINGS.


Every morning you must tell your wife “Honey (or any type of endearment you find tasteful”) I love You, is there anything I can possibly do?” (This is also very important because to run a household there are many things, but in the receiver dynamic as one is always insecure hence they do not want to ask rather wish for you to offer.)


It goes without saying a wife needs financial security.


There is no freedom but from ego