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I hate to be disrespectful, but it occurred to me in my own self-discovery something of extraordinary importance, and though it may be harsh…. to not say it… a man who loses respect – respect for oneself (usually through being maliciously shamed) but most importantly, respect for another – such a person is not far from nazism

Profoundly Inspiring


A world in which individuals do not realize their value – a world in which, those whose fleeting fame, hence perceived stardom, is the only mechanism those who know not their intrinsic holiness, self-worth and eternity, measure themselves – a world in which unlike the Biblical idea… Each person is of cosmic significance, the creation of God, to perpetuate Divinity – is well, a pretty modern stupidity

We all need, NEED! but three things: number one we need security (this is both physical and emotional; we need to have a place to sleep, clothing; we need to know that we will have food; we also need to not have to fear being taunted (in fact the fear of people is the greatest cause of mental distress) The next thing we need is hope – if we believe that one day, as God promised the world will be free from death, free from suffering, then though today we may being concerned, we are not depressed; and finally and this one is up to us – we need to have a meaningful life! – and to the extent that we actively dedicate ourselves to goodness and kindness (in one of its many varieties – as long as it is assisting, encouraging, supporting etc.) we will be happy