Kabbalah’s 10 Steps to true joy

  1. To be happy there are both physical and emotional requirements.

The first step is obviously to not be unhappy.

In order to not be unhappy, there are five fundamentals:


a. you must have security (when we don’t, our brain starts to pump adrenaline, our body is in the fight or flight, and our brain only sees continually catastrophes – so imagine being afraid and watching a horror movie!)


B. Obviously we need to have our physical needs met – a person who is worried about anything cannot be happy.


c. We must not carry shame (which is like someone placing an arrow permanently in your heart).




2. so lets begin – the first stop to happiness then is security – obviously we must either have support or an income – additionally we must have these in an Honorable (both to ourselves or others – for if we harm another we feel bad)


However much of our anxiety is from either innate or past experiences – these then create the adrenaline person – we must imagine that this world is a video game – the harddrive is running a demo – you are part of a demo – everything that happens to you – which is the truth- is either for a physical or spiritual benefit – there is nothing – absolutely nothing that God does that hurts.


3. In order to be happy a person must not be narcissistic – this is when we are self absorbed – we must be focused on helping others (please see my Discover the meaning of your life for more info.)


4. In order to be happy we must believe that a day not in the distant future will arrive when God will miraculously transform reality, the entire world will be only good, kind, abundant, and filled with beautiful Kabbalah wisdom (for even a dark night imprisoned is lit by hope)

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