The ten truths

1. You are God

2. There is only one – everything else is only a perception.

3. Why did the one create many, for the benefit of e-pluribus-unum, namely that even the perfect bachelor becomes infinitely luckier when he has love, for unity is greater than the sum of its parts.

4. So to do this the one created many – and obviously they couldn’t know they are one – so to do this He created a universe which is a physical perception ( for it essentially is atoms interacting-  in a way of the ultimate in non- comprehending self-observation) and then as game-theory attests, when we had enough of murder, rape, power – when the desire turns to repulsion, then our most natural oneness – our true desire manifests.

5. To a miraculous extent this happened after two ridiculous world wars started by the German bastards for no other reason than to subjugate-  as the western consciousness shifted, vast empires beginning in western Europe, for no other reason than it’s the right thing, gave up their holdings, to give the native people independence-  eventually as the Rebbe tutaled America to engage and ” convert” the Russians, they too did so – and those who look at the minor evils of these countries, forgetting they have the power to enslave everyone but choose not to, are idiots or malicious. 

6. But in the dungeon of humanity was a deep evil – the forerunner of most – that when the Jews, as God promised would get back Israel their ancestral hate and jealousy that four thousand years ago were expelled and either banished or wandered to Arabia hence this opened a  deep sore-  yet the reason they were banished, for instead of humility they are arrogant was not yet settled-  again based on game- theory, their current self-savagery is inspiring them to also realize that liberty trumps.

7. Talking about Trump – for the first time possibly in American history we have a reality TV performer as President ( though to be fair he may do a far better job) but the Divine intent for this relates to the ultimate, e- pluribus- unum – for when people identify with their leader, they are swooned into some kind of stupor; while the Divine intent coming from He who is limitless in his ability only matched by His infinite love hence wishes for all positivity in every possible manner – and as man can appreciate but what he or she strives ( as opposed to being a recipient of) hence a great internal battle between our own Divine voice and the fundamentally stupid, narcissistic, hence malicious tendencies both within and without must be overcome.

8. Very soon an infinitely different world from the One who is everything will begin – in this world the Jewish saints will first rise, their miraculous resurrection will herald this era – miracles that make the exodus from Egypt look like nature will begin – a Temple from Heaven will descend – as the verse states regarding it “My house will be called a house of prayer for all people” – as those seeking truth will empirically see, this will be the ultimate unifier – albeit as our individuality has already set in, hence maintaining the e- pluribus- unum.

9. Ultimately as the One is both love and beyond limit, he will connect individually with each and every mind.

10. But beyond all those miracles is the simple fact that as reality is but the One hence whenever you so choose you can infinitely permanently without abrogating perception rather enhancing benefiting enlivening encouraging growing yourself and the world merge with the simultaneously revealed and concealed one.


Life is really extraordinarily simple – it is exactly as God the Creator of our universe, the good, the bad and the ugly said: “Understand I have placed before you good and evil, life and death, choose through listening to me, life” – so why would anyone possibly be so stupid as to choose being miserable and dying-  to understand this one must understand that we all contain three elements-  the first is the Divine soul that loves life, the second is the animal soul that loves feeling comfortable, and the third is a bacteria in our liver that simply put, hates