1. You are God 2. There is only one – everything else is only a perception. 3. Why did the one create many, for the benefit of e-pluribus-unum, namely that even the perfect bachelor becomes infinitely luckier when he has love, for unity is greater than the sum of its parts. 4. So to do this the one created many – and obviously they couldn’t know they are one – so to do this He created a universe which is a physical perception ( for it essentially is atoms interacting-  in a way of the ultimate in non- comprehending self-observation) and then as game-theory attests, when we had enough of murder, rape, power – when the desire turns to repulsion, then our most natural oneness – our true desire manifests. 5. To a miraculous extent this happened after two ridiculous world wars started by the German bastards for no other reason than to subjugate-  as the western consciousness shifted, vast empires beginning in western Europe, for no other reason than it’s the right thing, gave up their holdings, to give the native people independence-  eventually as the Rebbe tutaled America to engage and ” convert” the Russians, they too did so – and those who look at the minor evils of these countries, forgetting they have the power to enslave everyone but choose not to, are idiots or malicious.  6. But in the dungeon of humanity was a deep evil – the forerunner of most – that when the Jews, as God promised would get back Israel their ancestral hate and jealousy that four thousand years ago were expelled and either banished or wandered to Arabia hence this opened a  deep sore-  yet the reason they were banished, for instead of humility they are arrogant was not yet settled-  again Read more…

Hey Kids   This week we have an amazing Parshah – we read of a very strange story – You see Moshe had a cousin by the name Korach – Now Korach was not only very smart, he was very rich – Whenever Hashem gives us anything – be it a good head or lots of money, there are two things that can happen – We can either realize because we are no better than anyone so it must mean we got really lucky – This Makes US So Happy!   But another thing can happen, it may wake up our dragon.   Do you know that in you (and everyone) there is an evil dragon?   Yes, you see, in our basement lives a great ferocious evil called the ego.   Instead of feeling happier from anything and everything we get – the dragon that also knows we got something tells us a great lie.   His lies is that “Look How Great You Are!”   Now if we believe this lying dragon then you know what happens, instead of feeling  grateful for our tremendously good luck, we begin to get angry.   Are you kidding me?? – how could I get angry from getting?!   You see, if I give you one dollar you would be happy, but what if I promised to give you two, and I only gave you one?     That’s why whenever anything good happens to you, right away, before the dragon breathes his evil lie, say to Hashem (and the person who gave it to you – even (or especially) your parents) THANKS!!!!!

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