Quotes from the Rebbe – mammer ve-eyeh 5721

The Baal Shem Tov says, that the whole Torah is included in Anoichi.

Anoichi means, “I God above and beyond everything placed myself in the Torah.”

At the giving of the Torah the truth was, it was the infinite beyond revelation, that was brought to our world.

When that which is beyond revelation does choose to be revealed, there is no part that isn’t.

The true intent of the giving of the Torah is to add in the Jew’s and by osmosis the world’s, light.

This revelation will be the messianic dimension.


The infinite summary – there are merely four types of people – those who speak out of the illusion that all are loving (this occurs where there is safety – however if you God-forbid took away the police protection, as our sages teach, some people would eat you alive) the second is those who scam (having lost self-respect – like a clever monkey they simply finagle – in my experience, many Africans, certainly Arabs – basically people who come from harsh environments where it is, scam or be) the third is those whose only agenda is helping (this is G-d and those imbued with his holiness) the last is like parents