Do you know – how could you?- it has taken me twenty years to dig through the deepest mystical secrets and that’s after having had the privilege to be born into a family and Jewish group that not only studies but is the source – so after having the background and the knowledge of the classic texts it took another twenty years to discover what until revealed in the last years of the Rebbes life was not only unknown but beyond the scope of knowledge – are you ready – here goes – there is no such thing as a thing – all things are as science teaches simply energy – going deeper, every thing has a soul-  going deeper, the core of every soul is God ( for nothing can create well nothing) so why did God make souls that think they are bodies?-  which is an accurate description of man – for it arose in his beautiful heart a profound delight, namely to give magic to man – to allow man through incredible strive, stress, and strenuous effort to get beyond his selfish “thing” status – and as God is unlimited, you can always become an even better soul

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