Daily Archives: June 18, 2017

There are three truths: whoever loves doesn’t criticize, hence whoever criticized/s never/doesn’t love; rather filled with an inner shame and hidden rage and an outer fear ( of more criticism hence perfectionism) hence becoming jealous of those who are self-assured, their minds develop rationalizations / justifications which are in truth hallucinations of others evil

I just had the displeasure of listening to the incoming speaches of the new British Parliament and it is reminiscent of a story I heard from my uncle about a Duke who lost all his land and hence his income – he was reduced to eating bitter herbs, but he would do so exclusively on his golden cutlery 

Titles not only don’t make you but in fact as you now have put on a fake mask that you must like a straightjacket fit into

So I have this Divine relationship as most people, but having access to Jewish mysticism it helps – you see the greatest error we make with the Divine, is perhaps like a wife who marries a billionaire thinks, “I just won the lotto” however the Divine relationship is more like a dance – you may be led, but you must trot

Right now I’m not rich which is a good thing because it allows me to objectively decide what I will do when God who wishes to entrust good people with good missions… hence please God when the opportunity to do more good is presented I will use the money to distribute freely the light

When we get to heaven the first thing they ask us, “Did you conduct your affairs with integrity?” – of course, the first thing we do is lie – so as they have the NSA’s files, they show us every time we didn’t – well we say – “do you know how many times I got ripped off!” “Ah, so you were justified…”

When what is naturally disgusting – gay, pornography etc. not only becomes “natural” but celebrated, society as all previous empires is about to collapse