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No one has a right to shame 

Just as whatever temperature shower you take, hot or cold, will affect your mood – so to whatever you see and hear

A perfect world is a place where three things happen simultaneously a. Governments provide proactive security ( unfortunately as Governments, as all institutions with ancient histories have habitualized mechanisms, hence the Governments in the west are aware of the need to have armies as well as courts, but proactive protection means a. Offer peace to terrorists and those Governments like Saidia Arabia and other Muslim countries which their education system is no different to Nazi Germany but actually far worse ( as at least the Germans didn’t try to convince Germans to blow themselves up) and unless say in a year they end this evil, either wipe them, or return their economy to the dark ages) furthermore there is no reason we allow the preachers, primarily from Sadia Arabia to infiltrate the minds and hearts of young Muslims ( just to describe the extent of the problem, most mosques in Europe and America have been built and/ or are staffed by these evil preachers of terrorism – and as is simple and obvious, one may not under any insane premise allow their primary mechanism of propaganda to spread) furthermore to prevent crime it begins as we see empirically with education towards belief in a moral loving God) 2. Love, and the true definition of love is to never do to another that which you wouldn’t want done to you, and the definition of that is even if you’re 100% accurate you’re 100% evil when you shame ( for you wouldn’t want another to shame you, even or perhaps especially if they were 100% accurate) 3. Finally a perfect world ultimately is a world where people as it is more prevalent in western democracies that due to both physical abundance and emotional freedom hence having gorged and then become nauseous hence seeking truth one by one as the verse states “I’ll collect you one by one” the infinite journey of personal growth ensues.

There are three psychological facts – everyone wishes to not feel fear – those who project an aura of power are actually filled with fear – the only way to not feel fear is faith

Those of us who speak the most and certainly the loudest have absolutely nothing ( but an inferiority complex)

The world is really this simple, the more true, good and kind someone is, the less they need to peackock

Even if the whole world thinks you’re bad, God thinks you’re awesome