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Jewish quotes from the Rebbe – Vayikra 5731

As we know when Jews study Torah the world stays however when we delve into Torah, in other words we are passionate which means this refers to our essence, now this reveals God’s essence, evoking miracles.

Our greatest desire is to do something meaningful which occurs primarily when we merge with God

What is your realm

Tell me everything that you can think of positive

For Kids – How To Live

In this weeks Torah portion we read an amazing story that Hashem promised the Jewish people that they would go into Israel.


But the Jewish people were concerned – did they really think that they were up to having a war with the thirty kings who were there? So they asked Moshe Rabienu if they could send spies.


So Mosheh Rabbeinu asked Hashem, and Hashem said – “I am not telling you what to do; if you think you should, then send.”


Now every other time Hashem told Moshe Rabeinue what to do  – that’s how we have all our Mitzvos so why not this time.


And if Hashem didn’t say, why did Moshe Rabeinu send?


The answer is that the way Hashem made his world, there are those things Hashem tells us clearly – like keep Kosher, Honor Your Father and Mother, etc. etc.


However there are many things that Hashem does not – Does He not care about the other things?


The answer is that we are Hashem’s children, and every parent ultimately wishes to be proud of his child.


So it is obvious that when a parent tells you something, that you must obey; so it doesn’t prove how special you are.


Hashem and Mosheh were hoping that although there were thirty kings, the Jewish people would be smart enough to realize, that, who made the thirty kings? – why, Hashem! – so if Hashem made the kings and tells you that you will succeed, of-course you will!


A lesson that we can take from this, is imagine this whole world is a video game – now who would best be able to guide you? well, the person who actually made the game!

What’s the difference between a reporter and a pimp – firstly the pimp may not be coercing rather selling, whearas the reporter coerces and shames

Until we are ready to say thanks for any and every gift, should we complain about any and every curse