There was a recent poll that showed Americans don’t recognize America-  the reason for this is that Americans were abused-  the hallmark of an abuser is that they have a narscasitic personality – this disorder is when a person ( themselves abused) deludes themselves that they are god and you are the devil – this disorder is completely found in Mohammed who unlike every religion did not see those who would not accept him as the sole prophet ( for according to him, all other books were corrupted ( an obvious delusion, as the Torah scroll we have – and one can check hundreds of thousands, yet the maximum difference is a single letter) hence he desired to be the sole authority-  When the Jews and Christians didn’t buy into his delusion, in typical narscasitic fashion he became enraged ( which is why you find the beginning of the quron having texts like “there is no coercion in religion” while the end that, “kill the Jews”

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