The most important blog ( out of 50,000) we are obviously a composite, we are made up of almost infinite components which only our Creator knows, however most importantly what is not so hard to comprehend is that fundamentally all of us can be divided into three ( as the whole book of Tanya teaches) 1. First and foremost we are actually literally God, for God took his soul ( emotional dispositions and breathed the breath of life which means) created a spark ( like taking a flame from a bonfire) and placed it into our body – this is why just as God is compassionate, idealistic, kind, generous, noble etc. etc. so are we 2. Secondly we are as about as far from God ( our soul) as heaven is from earth, for God placed this spark in a body and this body is an animal with four major instincts, namely fire, earth, air, water ( fire is enjoyment of being superior which also is the reason for savagery, for the person who feels entitled likes nothing more than destroying the happiness of those whom he is jealous of, like the evil queen in SnowWhite) Earth is our predilection to laziness and sadness ( both outgrowths of our ego) 3. Air is our desire to be entertained 4 Water is our lusts-  each body has at least one major addiction and so to the extent that a rope pulls you in one direction is the extent that you cannot travel in the other, so to conquer your addictive animal you need to use your 3. Mind; for the mind ( when we are humble; as when we feel entitled to anything we lose objective reasoning) so the mind has the capacity to discern, choose, lead, overpower, direct 

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