Daily Archives: June 13, 2017

You see, what is stronger an idea or a desire – we would tend to say idea, whereas in truth the very cause of our ideas are our desires – so what was God’s desire¿ namely God created within us three conflicting desires – the innate Divine soul’s positive, then the animal soul’s pleasure desire, and finally the ego’s prominence delusion – now behind all of these is an intellectual observer which perhaps is who we really are, for though the Divine soul animal and ego are present when we sleep, only our intellectual faculties that we exercise when awake are who we are – so the observer going through life eventually discerns, and as the Divine is infinite hence so to discernment

Any of us – we composites of app. 50,000,000,000,000 unique cells as well as bacteria, not to mention as many atoms as there are stars that’s 100,000,000,000 x 100,000,000,000 living in a universe that itself is as science and Judaism teach simply repetitive miracles – living for a specif amount of time, born of sperm and destined to dust

Ego is false – sensitivity, real

The mind has three modes, the first born in childhood confidence ( more prevalent by males) “I can do anything” – the second born of fear ( more prevalent by females) I must protect myself ( this results in control- freak perfectionism) finally there is the absolute truth – there is no I

There are but three possibilities either we think ( naively) that everyone is kind – or we think ( to safeguard ourselves) that everyone is a scammer-  or we realize that life is not about us

If Moshiach is rapidly ascending, by understanding what the world will be like when Moshiach comes we can currently live in its reality – as the Rebbe teaches, the messianic reality is our physical world albeit instead of confusion we have clarity, instead of not understanding, we do

There are three states/ stages, naive – in this stage you are easily conned – Conning – in this stage you are filled with an internal hate though consciously you think you’re god ( this is called narcasitic personality disorder which is a result of narsacim which quite simply means you have been a victim of a narsacist whom because you were naive you trusted and as a narcasitic is fundamentally selfish/ ego greed driven hence while it was in his or her interest they were ” loving” though when they needed you not they became malicious, but as this broke your heart/ trust this creates anger and eventually as the pain is too powerful the brain shuts down the neurological connection between allowing you to feel  your emotions hence not feeling anger nor love, you too join the adult conning brigade) but throughout both states/ stages, lurking in the background is your Divine side which precisely by through the destruction of your naive identity and eventual perception, discernment and growth, that this hidden potential becomes you