What everyone must internalize – as is obvious we are observers – we are born into a world which was fashioned in such a way that we have the capacity to integrate observations – however what the eye can see which is our deepest form of observation ( think how much more we internalize what we see versus hear)  nonetheless this is a not only limited form of observation, it is also easily manipulated ( as advertisement and even people who have lost their self respect due to bullying and erroneously assume everyone thinks they are despicable – as one of the faults of visual perception is the notion that all shapes have similar personalities – hence create a narcasitic personality which quite simply means they are completely fake ( but the fake is intended to fool the eye, which as we see with Obama, Hitler etc is quite successful) hence the real question then is-  if we are born into a observation, itself fake ( and now science has confirmed Einstein’s line: “reality is an illusion albeit a very persistent one”) what is reality? and ultimately that answer can come only to those whose quest for it is beyond their biologically induced desires

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