All the Rebbe, who had all, both medical, military, physical, and certainly spiritual knowledge

1. You are a soul

2. Your soul has a  specific mission

3. Generally speaking your mission has five categories

Category 1. Nation

If you are Jewish, God has given you 613 commandments to study

If you are a Gentile, God has given you seven (

2. If you are a male – in fact the very first biblical commandment – Get Married and have children and love support and be their role-model

If you are  female – get married, have children, love, educate and be a role model and support ( emotionally) your husband

3. Health – eat only healthy foods

If need be, go to a doctor who is a friend and listen and have faith that God will heal

4. Purpose: we each have both a general and specific unique purpose – the former will relate to a certain gift and hence passion you have ( for example i have a gift and passion for Jewish mysticism)  the latter is circumstantial ( so God always has ” small” temporary missions)

5. Integrity 

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