The beginning – In the beginning there was a being who having a loving heart thought – now you must understand, for unlike us where our knowledge is superimposed (from outside in) his knowledge is inside out – He foresaw you me and everyone – Filled with love for his beautiful children and as love creates a passion to give, he thought – In the middle it began: – “In the beginning God made Heaven and everything in it and earth and everything in it” – Then he placed the first man and woman – Male and female he created them, coed Siamese twins (at the rib) and he charged them, “Marry, Have children, Conquer and Use the earth” – But remember, this is the middle…. – For man had children but jealousy came. For Kayin was jealous of Hevel and jealousy is the belief: “YOU” have something that “you” should – “This is unfair!” and justice demands vengeance, and so he killed him – Four people… already murder!! – As life progresses, power, envy, greed takes over; rape becomes rampant, violence, theft…. – Instead of saying “Thank-God we exist”- which there is no scientific basis besides God’s love – we descended into savage barbarians – So to humble man God wiped out humanity – and with more humility Noah begins – From Noah comes all the current seventy nations – but a single epic genius Abraham considered reality and after contemplating upon the basis of how everything was formed and functions he realized that unlike the foolish beliefs in multiple forces (competing;) For our reality to function (which science has proven empirically over and over) there must be a single force who made many forces – “So why should I serve a single force which is a creation, when I can serve the ultimate creator (of all?!)” Having dedicated his life to his belief and taught many others, we find the first words uttered to a spiritual seeker (for though Abraham was great, he was not a seeker, neither Noah) and God said “Go beyond your thinking… (for we are all born into a milieu, a family, a culture, a body which creates a paradigm that limits our growth) ‘Let go and Let God!’ and in this process, You will be all you can be” – The End

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