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Lighting up the world – our mission

Do you know each and everyone one of us is a small Beis Hamikdosh?

And in the Beis Hamikdosh every day the Cohen Gadol would light the Menorah.

The Menorah wasn’t needed for the light.

You see the windows in the Beis Hamikdosh were different – most windows are to let light in, but the Beis Hamikdosh was to put light out.

There are two kinds of light – there is physical light that lets you see things,

But then there is spiritual light which lets you understand.

The Fridikeh Rebbe was once at a hotel and someone asked him – what Did Chassidus add? To which he answered by taking the lantern (In the olden days, they used candles) and shining it on the wall – suddenly the person saw beautiful patterns – you see the world may exist, but people cannot see its beauty.


The beginning – In the beginning there was a being who having a loving heart thought – now you must understand, for unlike us where our knowledge is superimposed (from outside in) his knowledge is inside out – He foresaw you me and everyone – Filled with love for his beautiful children and as love creates a passion to give, he thought – In the middle it began: – “In the beginning God made Heaven and everything in it and earth and everything in it” – Then he placed the first man and woman – Male and female he created them, coed Siamese twins (at the rib) and he charged them, “Marry, Have children, Conquer and Use the earth” – But remember, this is the middle…. – For man had children but jealousy came. For Kayin was jealous of Hevel and jealousy is the belief: “YOU” have something that “you” should – “This is unfair!” and justice demands vengeance, and so he killed him – Four people… already murder!! – As life progresses, power, envy, greed takes over; rape becomes rampant, violence, theft…. – Instead of saying “Thank-God we exist”- which there is no scientific basis besides God’s love – we descended into savage barbarians – So to humble man God wiped out humanity – and with more humility Noah begins – From Noah comes all the current seventy nations – but a single epic genius Abraham considered reality and after contemplating upon the basis of how everything was formed and functions he realized that unlike the foolish beliefs in multiple forces (competing;) For our reality to function (which science has proven empirically over and over) there must be a single force who made many forces – “So why should I serve a single force which is a creation, when I can serve the ultimate creator (of all?!)” Having dedicated his life to his belief and taught many others, we find the first words uttered to a spiritual seeker (for though Abraham was great, he was not a seeker, neither Noah) and God said “Go beyond your thinking… (for we are all born into a milieu, a family, a culture, a body which creates a paradigm that limits our growth) ‘Let go and Let God!’ and in this process, You will be all you can be” – The End