Daily Archives: June 7, 2017

Imagine you were placed in a dark room – now this room becomes your home – then imagine someone flicks a candle – imagine how though you are comfortable in your room – you know every nook and cranny – you can get around and survive – but this dancing miracle captures your imagination

Ultimately there are only five questions: 1. Can I change? 2. If I can, do I want to? 3. If I can, how? 4. Can the world change? 5. Repeat 2/3

What processes do you believe you should begin or end

We all live in a war between our brain and our body – the body is like a baby

The best way to get depressed: don’t have faith

The Tanya today teaches that our existence is a result of two infinite beyond human ability forces – the first is the ability to create matter (and this is amazing for it is consistently being brought from its true state, non-existence, into existence) and simultaneously create a world in which as our perception of it is made through our physical senses that sense physical matter, hence as we do not perceive the energy (e=m) which is the spiritual side of the same coin

Every person must first and foremost STOP – STOP being like a mindless animal who never considers what is the purpose – Why? – am I a temporary biological accident or am I part of a bigger picture? – And if I am part of a bigger picture, than firstly, what is the picture? and secondly, what is my part?