Daily Archives: June 6, 2017

I have a friend who is a psychiatrist – a decent one – and he says we are all undergoing identity changes – in fact he is fond of quoting a researcher who said people change their entire identity every seven years – this is reminiscent of what our sages state that the less content one holds (the more their life is about say looking good etc.) the older they get the less confident, however the more (hence life is about truth, God, Torah etc.) the older they get, the more – however beyond a shadow of a doubt everyone is always slowly but surely (at least; though by the righteous continually) upgrading

Consider yourself never better only perhaps luckier

Did you know that all that you know is sheer stupidity – never mind the fact that we now have thousands of years of hindsight to confirm that 99.99999% of people act stupidly ( for the definition of insanity is doing something useless) however even when we do know something, just like when we eat we take for granted the fact that we are an eater, which is a biological marvel of epic miracles the same thing 

Some people live in hope, others in fear, but how many live in truth 

The whole story – when people are happy then they love, so if you know someone (as Obama) that looks happy yet is also angry, their smile is fake

We love giving and abhor taking

The greatest rule of life – the more you give, though the less others appreciate, yet the more  you will