Daily Archives: June 5, 2017

Make no mistake – there are three absolute realities though two are apparent, one eternal, the other fast fading – the absolute reality is God, Compassion, Torah and particularly Chassidus; the apparent reality is everything you can physically sense and the completely false reality is everything connected to ego

Life truly exists in a spectrum-  there is the electro-magnetic encompassing all wavelengths ( sight, sound, touch etc.) there is also a mental emotional spectrum and a spiritual – the mental spectrum is between innovation and perception, the former being more the realm of men while the latter of women – then there is the emotional spectrum, a result either of joy or  pain, pleasure or fear, then there is the spiritual spectrum between humility and delusion

There is but a single truth – to the extent – to the extent you believe something is the extent you react 

To what end

It states wisdom is greater than prophecy, but what if you mix the two… – as the Baal Shem Tov said – geopolitical events are like a father winking to his smart son – today God isn’t winking he is shouting And this is what I perceive – the age of the messiah is here

The reason the millions of hours spent by psychology has Proven to have no Proven benefit – for the escape from our narsasicm cannot come through its induction 

Equally as important as having positive direction is rejecting negative direction