Daily Archives: June 4, 2017

Please only God and then you’ll please everyone

There was a Jewish man who was so debased that there wasn’t a whore in the world he didn’t traverse – but as he once reflected on his life he called to the heavens to save him – but he got no answer – he called to the mountains, the wind, etc. Until he realized that it is up to him – you are the only person that can 

Our anger is like infantile tantrums-  it only makes sense to our delusional ego

If you wish to know who someone is a. what does he spend his money on b. What does he say when intoxicated ( does he get loving or angry)

We must begin life with the premise, I am not a higher Darwinian ape – I am chosen by the highest of highs, of which there is no higher and all compared exist only in a delusion/ illusion to overcome the delusion 

The only way to understand what is, is by first comprehending what isn’t

One of western societies great stupidities is the subconscious belief that where there is smoke there is fire for it depends whose smoking, for example, a bright Muslim told me that of course the Arabs murder Jews – they have been doing so non stop with no less a personage than their prophet not only calling for this murder but personally beheading Jews in Kuraza in the most sadistic of fashions and then raping their wives during the savagery-  it is amazing how stupid non fact-checking people are