The New One True Religion

Our sages teach an overarching principle:


The first two thousand years are called the two thousand years of Creation/Chaos.


The Next two thousand years are called the two thousand years of Torah.


And the final Two Thousand years are called the two thousand years of Moshiach.


In addition, we know that the giving of the Torah was called God’s “engagement” to man, while the Messianic era “Marriage.”


Once we understand this, well, we understand the entire history and destiny, as well as current reality.


For to begin with, ironically, if God was seeking a marriage; namely an intimate union in which two learn how to be vulnerable, respectful, with complete faith, trust, fidelity and reliance, one-another; so ironically you must begin obviously with ego.


For example, one of the reasons according to Judaism, the trinity makes no logical sense, is because, as I heard from a missionary while en-route to London – you know how it is on planes – so he explained it to me like an apple: “there is the seeds, the peel and the flesh.”


However as the Rambam empirically points out, physical things are separated by time and space  – if a. exists in location a., so even if b. is a carbon-copy, yet possessing a separate time-space location, it hence is a separate individual.


However when it comes to spiritual ideas, even say 1+1 =2 – whoever thinks this thought is actually thinking the same thought.


As God has no physical characteristics (which would be to limit him, hence he couldn’t be unlimited, hence couldn’t be a Creator etc.) hence in actuality, for this marriage between God and man to occur an independent ego – the desire to fulfill my desires purely because it is my desire (as we all know how irrational we often are) needed to be born.


This is clearly the case in a marriage, for if you didn’t have two people with separate egos/desires, the ability for them to have the joy of choosing the other wouldn’t exist.


Choice can only exist, if there is, well, choices.


So God from the dearest, purest, unconditionally loving space (like a parent has for their child) desires to be your-God.


What does it mean to be your-God?


Very often in prayers and in Torah we find this terminology – in fact, this is the secret of the bizarre wording of the first and most important prayer the Shema.


“Listen (understand) Jew (Israel) The Lord Our God, The  Lord is One.”


If I said to you “Listen Jake; Shelly, you know Shelly, Shelly is one;” what does that mean?


God can be perceived on multiple dimensions (and actually manifests himself in multiple ways). There is the dimension of God (Havayeh, for those more familiar with Kabbalah) on this dimension God is beyond our reality – there is the dimension of Lord (Eloikim etc.) which represents God, as he limits himself to creation (for an unlimited being a complete transformation). And then there is the God, that is beyond both the God of being beyond (for to be beyond something, must mean you have some point of reference – for example, I may be beyond the intellect of a child, but you cannot say I am beyond the intellect of a rock) at this level, ironically both the finite and infinite are equal – This is a very important and profound concept, for woe to man who misunderstands this and assumes that God is beyond reality – apart from the gross implications (that God is limited, for anything unlimited has no limitations, hence neither the limitation of being beyond or limited; for any state that cannot accept a second state, like a singer that can only sing one song is certainly limited) but furthermore, by relegating God to being beyond, one misses out on the whole point.)


So the truest and real level of God, is not beyond us, nor the Creator (as my father told me from Kabbalah, that though God creates, he is not “A Creator,” much like though I say eat, doesn’t define me as an eater.)


Hence the truest and actual reality of God, is like any human (in fact Kabbalah calls God “the first man”) whatever he desires.


So it arose in his will to marry – marriage as mentioned, is where two people can fully be intimate, which means vulnerable with no shame (not shameless, rather trusting) – perhaps this may be best understood in the paradigm of a child and parent whereby both seek to have this trusting intimate bond, born from love but resulting in mutual respect and unconditional  giving.


So when God gave us the Torah, He in fact just was courting / creating a relationship – as anyone who is truly married knows, courtship lacks the trust; the bond that through thick and thin it is now we (not me vs. you.)


So ultimately, as a marriage takes two willing partners, hence the Messianic age in fact depends upon you – it begins when you decide to marry – when you decide to make God, your-God.

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