The real truth – we exist between two diametrically opposed extremes – in order to understand everything we must understand we are a diamond – we have four points – upper lower right left – the upper point is our soul which is literally God – however this soul descends into a body so it resides in our mind – and the pure mind free from any lower (as will be explained) influences thinks exactly like God: compassionately, bravely, willing to sacrifice, as we see in children and young adults) however the right is our selfish desires – when these come in, they like a GPS telling someone who already knows the way, to go somewhere different, begins to alter our course (this is seen currently in democratic countries where freedom allows people to become instinctually motivated) then there is the left point – fear – fear cuases us to seek to prevent harm – this is seen clearly in totalitarian societies, like Germany (for there is a vast difference between democratic rights and societal expectations which create conformity from fear – of-course all the Muslim nations also) then there is the bottom point of ego, which creates anger for whenever we feel lower our ego and entire purpose in life is too be better, grander, the greatest, gets angry – now if the right point can turn us into an addict, the left neurotic, the bottom turn us into a bully

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