this is perhaps the most fundamental but hardest of all truth – a victim doesn’t only blame their aggressor – you see, we all create a false reality – the reality goes like this – I and outside of me – don’t you think you are independent of that which exists outside of you? – so when I am nice to one person, that person will see the outside as being nice – I was in costco yesterday and I think (as my grandfather jokingly paraphrased king solomon’s teaching “if no one praises you – at least you should”) I was being nice, but even nicer to the youngish cashier, was an older bagger who complemented her, and she said “everyone is being nice today;” you see, everyone, really, is your experience


Hi, let me tell you all about me (and probably you)

I in truth don’t exist

I am simply a soul

there are really many souls

some are in animals

some in humans

but attached to my soul is a brain

you see the soul is like energy (or like a battery)

many different appliances use energy

energy is nondescript, but the appliance will shape the use

now a human body has an interesting addition even to the smartest of mammals, apes

they have a prefrontal lobe

in other words, an independent mind

an ape never thinks, I am thinking

for an ape’s thoughts are manifestations of his instinctual desires so his thoughts would be (perhaps in picture form) leaves (in heat, female) etc.