The forces



Freud believed that there is life and death forces.


Though much of what he said was conjecture, much of what he said, though not being a hundred percent accurate, does have a validity in a general sense.


In the Torah, the Creator teaches, “see I have placed before you life and death, choose life!”


Now do you really need to tell someone to choose life! but the next qualification perhaps clarifies, “see I have placed before you good and evil” – in other words, God equates good with life, and evil with death!


So this is the bottom line:


As the Kabbalah teaches us, the world of evil, mirrors the world of good!


Like a bad copy, a Chinese fake that lasts as long as it can be sold to you, death and evil has also flashing lights, has a clean exterior, it is only its INSIDE is hollow, its purpose a con, its end, death!


Is darkness really light?

In the beginning there was light – then came darkness, then came confusion, then comes clarity!


So the question is, if in the beginning there was light, why did God conceal the light and create the darkness/confusion!?


The answer is exceptionally simple indeed:


“I have seen” says the wisest man of all times, “that light is better than darkness!”


Does it really take the wisdom of King Solomon to see this obvious fact, that we all know!?


Yes, it does! for as explained in Chassidus, what he is really saying is, “I see that it is only when a person experiences darkness, can they appreciate light!”


Never imagine that you know how to inspire people better than God does! for though you may be inspired, the process of person’s inspiration is a very very very personal one; which takes place in a sequential experiential pattern, necessitated most often through, first a rejection or a feeling of aimlessness, and in the right time, in the right way, with the right inspiration! a person completely alters their worldview, so your job is to be the POSSIBLE lamplighter, while in effect, the light/inspiration is really coming from God in the right time, the right way, to the right person!