The succinct summary to mental health


There are three things we need, to have inner tranquility:


The first is purpose – best described as dedicating our lives towards helping others – not a donation, rather a full fledged dedication, i.e. my life is only about helping others.


The second, is we need to trust that all that occurs, is run by a God who is constantly advancing both our materiel and perhaps more accurately our humility, our goodness, our soul; which is the truth (for when we know things are good even if they are painful – say going in for a root canal – we still are willing to accept and even embrace it!) Additionally, love is the juice of joy, so think about all that you can identify (we come from the same source, God) and all you can admire, in your fellow man! in fact, in the world around you, as well!


And finally anger, pride, is the stuff of mental shutdown, for if these viruses get inflamed, our minds and hearts cease to see anything that is lovable, rather all that is putrid; and there is only one way, and that is to realign ourselves with a new identity, namely, that we are not our bodies which in any event are literally new cells every seven years; which according to both science and mysticism are literally gone and recreated every micro second (as atoms are;) which eventually get eaten by worms (sorry to be graphic, but you need to have a motive in reidentifying;) hence we are – as is proven scientifically and mystically – our souls! – a literal part of God! which as God is eternal, so our souls are eternal!

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