2 thoughts on “If we exist, the computer that creates all existence continuously – God, exists! – our universe, including us, is no different from the computer screen which can only exist if the computer’s hardware generates it continuously!”

  1. Freedom vs. not-free—-Are these necessarily mutually exclusive? Freedom presumes choice.

    To view the infinite of creation through our finite minds is at best a great distortion, but then again, what choice do we have- we are finite, or are we??

    1. One of the greatest conundrums – but as I understand, the following is the solution, the reason we exist within a a time-space, ultimately a sequential experience paradigm, is for us to freely choose, based on our past experiences our future decisions – so in this sense, we are both within Divine destiny, as well as true freedom of choice at the same time! or perhaps better said, eventually we will all choose the right path!

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