Daily Archives: October 16, 2012

Everything, everything, everything, is really devised only as a tool to share love!

Never feel bad, for if you do you will act bad!

The lessons of my oiled/rusted lock



Yes, you can learn from everything!


Perhaps – in fact – that’s why God made you experience it!


So what can we learn from my lock?


You see, on my gate, there is a lock.


This lock was creaking, it was groaning, it was rusted!


So a friend of mine suggested oiling it!


Not only is it like new, it is better than new!


So to in life, we often get grow-ny!


The solution, add oil!


In Kabbalistic terminology, oil is the study of Chassidus! the inspirational part of Judaism! and you’ll be better than new in no time!

Never forget, your kids need you, for no one in the world cares even .000001 percent about them as much as you – their parent – does!

It matters not how famous we have become, rather how much good we have done!