Ultimately life boils down to this, we need to redefine our purpose of existence



Is our purpose for pleasure?


Is our purpose to avoid pain?


Or is there some kind of intangible sublime spiritual reason we exist?


We must say, that there is a thinking emotionally driven – love – creature, who created us, for otherwise why would we exist? For, whoever has the power to create us, certainly has no fears, hence it can only be out of love            !


So what does this creature want?!


The answer quite simply, is, as our sages teach us, God desires to dwell within man.


This is achieved through realizing that we – yes, you and I – have the potential to host God!


In fact, this is the major theme of the Bible of Jewish Mysticism called the Tanya, effectively, that whenever we do good, we and God merge! for all is really God! hence there is a. God’s inner will, which is, “we should do good” and when we do it, then the, b., the playground, where freedom of choice exists, namely, our biosphere merges seamlessly with God’s desire, namely you and I – with true freedom of choice – merge with God’s desire.