Daily Archives: October 11, 2012

Above all, never forget, that if you forget your convictions, you are lower than an animal that cannot conceive nor execute them.

When people feel low they pretend to be high; just look at little children, and the same applies to adults!

The spiral life



Most of us view life erroneously, as we see it like a scene.


There are homes, countries, stars, galaxies.


Ultimately, we build a picture of what life is, simply based on what we see.


But like any microbiologist will tell you, what you can’t see is what can save your life (immune system) or God-forbid, kill you!


Another reality, namely God and God’s system, which we will explain, exists.


God’s system is like a spiral staircase.


A spiral staircase take you to your destination, however in order to arrive at the next level you must first appear to lose the previous level.

Never doubt, for doubts are not you, rather they are a virus from the satan.

Power corrupts, because once a man thinks s/he is powerful, they cannot think.

Only four things are not a delusion, God, Judaism, Yiddisheh Neshomois, and Chassidus

All actions which unite people emotionally are the desires of God.