The spiral stairway



One of the most amazing teachings of the Baal Shem Tov that sums up, literally, all of life! is from a spiral stairway.


You see, most stairways – and how most of us see life – is like a normal stairway; that it goes straight!


The truth is, life is like a spiral stairway!


You see, in order to get to your desired next level on a spiral stairway, you must first turn away from it.


Similarly, true growth, is never what you understand.


For understanding, is a limitation.


What we understand today must be discarded for a whole new level of understanding to enter our consciousness.


On a very global / epic level, the Jewish people have gone – according to the Sfas Emes (quoted by the Rebbe) through two major growths; in which he gives the example of an operation, in which one is put to sleep, in order to wake up with an entirely, radically altered face.


The first was the exile of Egypt, in which the Jews sunk to the lowest moral levels, only retaining a vestige of their former grandeur…


Then came the giving of the Torah!


However, there is a far greater operation, in which we are already emerging from its two thousand year slumber…


The unity of man in God, or rather God in man! which will be the norm in the messianic era; necessitated, another consciousness shift – ironically, away from the consciousness of the giving of the Torah which externally revealed God – to a new consciousness, in which God and man internally unite.