The western ideal versus the ideal


In the west prestige is very much the goal – to a large extent the reason people want money is because as people revere it they desire to be revered, by holding onto the reverent idol.


The truth is – we need to analyze; is prestige, prestigious?


Why do people want prestige in the first place?


The answer may shock you!


The very drive for fame is actuality a lack of self esteem.


If someone felt completely confident that what they are doing is meaningful, there would be no need for prestige!


Lest we become radically against prestige, the Talmud teaches, if not for its desire, the world would not have been built.


In other words, the subconscious driving force for prestige is behind much of the services that wealthy people create – called business.


However, ultimately prestige, like lust, is only an instinct.


If you fulfill it, you no longer think, its all that its made out to be!

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