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The greatest freedom is from the tyranny of our own emotions.

The question is not on the existence of God, rather the question is on the existence of evil.

The nature of insanity is, it is hiding feelings of inferiority.

There will always be more scientific discoveries, for as God is infinite and our finite minds only accept things very slowly, hence there will be infinite wow moments.

Escaping the dungeon of mass


Wow wow wow!


Did I say wow!


Well conversing with my physicist friend today, he said something that there is no other word than wow for it!


There is no mass to matter!


Despite understanding – as we wrote about yesterday – that on the subatomic level particles are in a wave and unpredictable format, I always believed that they had a mass.


In fact, atom means the smallest divisible particle according to Latin.


In other words, we all are living in the dungeon of mass.


The dungeon of mass (as we wrote about yesterday) is there to provide us with the reality of natural perception i.e. things are predictable, hence giving us the illusion of permanence, hence freedom of choice (for no one scarcely thinks their sin may prevent the sunlight for reaching earth and if they did, trust me, no one would ever sin.)


But this correct understanding, that there is no mass to what we feel in the universe, is absolutely amazing, for effectively it means as the Rebbe teaches us, it is God himself!


What is God? – as the Rebbe Rashab teaches us, God is an entity that is there but intangible.


Similarly, the fact that we can touch things, is only within our perception-reality (in fact as the Tzemach Tzeddek writes, the very illusion of touch, is a system (confirmed in medicine) that God creates in the brain, so when I hit these keys on my keyboard my fingers feel, but in truth there is a 3d image of me in my brain and my brain automatically makes my sensation of fingers feeling, that they are touching; which is why God forbid, if someone loses their fingers they can still get an itch there, which comes from the brain, not from touching anything, AS THEY HAVE NO FINGER (ask any doctor, this is a medical fact.)


So in other words, the world we touch, is given to us to perceive! – in fact, it is only the subatomic energy interacting with our nerve cells that relays the energy information to the brain to feel.


In truth, there literally is nothing physical in our world at all!!!

Never think that people who give honor, honor you; for the truth is, when there is love, the reaction is love, and only when there is fear, is the reaction honor, for it is a mechanism in which to ensure the other doesn’t harm you.

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