The ultimate truth








According to Kabbalah everything is preordained!




What is the significance of this fact?!


The significance is indeed very significant!


Many of us feel like we are like a floating hunk of debris, meandering through a vast, dark and lonely universe.


If everything is preordained, well, firstly, that is not the case!


I know someone – whom, asked the Lubavitcher Rebbe, “how it can be that God cares about every blade of grass – it simply makes no sense to me,” he told the Rebbe.


The Rebbe replied – of course the Rebbe had an infinite mind, hence was able to perceive infinity better than all – “to me it makes no sense in any other way!”


How about to you – does it make more or less sense, that God cares about every blade of grass?


Well if you asked my puny intelligence, I would say, it makes no sense at all!


But listen to what the Rebbe said:


“Say you have a company, would you like to know what is going on in your company?!




Now say your company had a million employees, would it be feasible to know what is going on in every section of your company?!


Absolutely not, for no man can process that much information.


Now as God is infinite, and he can process all that information, certainly he cares and knows and is the reality behind every blade of grass.”


So everything is of significance!


Additionally, everything is really a step in the global and personal (which is really the same thing) consciousness of man.


In other words, man was born a fool.


Meandering as he felt in the dark universe, he got up to rape, etc. etc.


Then along came Abraham who enlightened man onto a journey of enlightenment!


The giving of the Torah (Bible) was a turning point, for it marked the first time an entire nation recognized the truths of Abraham, and inculcated a just and charitable perspective into their modality.


Thousands of years of Jewish interaction with the gentile nations brought this novel approach to the awareness of the good gentiles and now as it is called the Jewish-Christian ethic (and we all know where Christianity comes from) is the every value system of much of the civilized world!


And the consciousness of goodness and charity, of love and humaneness, of peace and sensitivity, will only forever grow!!!

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