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More important than knowing what you are against, is knowing what you are for!

There are only essentially two worldviews in which all worldviews must by definition be part of, might is right and right is might.

What happens when infinity and finite merge? You then have infinite growth.

Most of use take those who love us for granted, we sort of think that there is an outside world, and if a few people love us than the world does, and conversely if God-forbid a few people hate us, than the world does; the truth is, that the world of people who love you, is the greatest gift that there is.

How science proves God


Today a friend of mine taught me from a book he is reading from a physicist called “The Hidden Face of God,” that when we look at the subatomic world, we realize there is a God.


Nature comes from the word concealment, explains Rabbi Shcnuer Zalman of Liadi.


How does nature conceal God?


The Baal Shem Tov explains, when we see a miracle in nature we refer to it as a miracle (say the birth of a child) however when we see it, the second time, we call it natural (the baby on day two.)

In other words, nature is really, as the Mordechai coins it, repetitive miracles!


Today I realized something most interesting.


You know, how sometimes, you need something on your computer screen, and you hover your mouse over the section to make it appear, well today that happened to me, and as my mouse hovered over where the buttons needed to appear, they appeared; or perhaps, they were going to appear anyway; for the other stuff was also randomly appearing.


In other words, the reason we believe the sun will come up exactly in the precise time it does, is precisely because the sun has always done so.


Repetitive miracles create the illusion of permanence.


When we look at the subatomic world, we see that things are not repetitive, and Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty, a principle Einstein had to accept based on the evidence, though he famously said “God doesn’t play dice with universe,” is precisely the reverse of repetitiveness, as it states, we can never predict where atoms will be.


There are actually two physical universes, the subatomic world, and the post (visible) atomic world!


As we don’t live in the subatomic world, the universe we see functions according to Newtonian laws of physics, despite the fact that the subatomic world contradicts Newtonian laws of physics!


So two realities are taking place simultaneously, or when you are watching, and when you aren’t! as Heisenberg states, that when you are not watching atoms they are waves and when you are watching they are particles; so when you are not watching, an unpredictable – scientifically confirmed – universe exists, and when you are watching or measuring, a predictable universe is placed in front of your vision.

The money you make today, will be gone tomorrow.

Never engage in debate with people whose emotions are anger, for when the anger emotion is present there is no rational grounds on which to debate, only the ability to either get executed by the angry person (Nazis etc.) or God forbid (perhaps worse) become the angry person.