What is the motive behind everything?




In Kabbalah we are taught that there are two emotions that govern all human behavior.


Imagine, that two simple emotions, that cause all of our thoughts, all of our speech, and all of our actions!


Firstly we need to debunk a myth!


The rational man.


Germans certainly were brilliant scientists and at the same time irrational.


Investors are certainly perhaps cleverer than most in terms of their understanding of the markets yet they repeatedly end up bankrupting investor’s money.


The simple reason is that man isn’t even aware that his emotions govern his thoughts, hence his soul seeing his thoughts, thinking that these are his thoughts when they are really his emotions being presented – like an investor trying to woo a client – as rational arguments FOR AN EMOTIONAL POSITION.


When Rabbi Sholom Dovber one of the greatest mystics of all time met with Freud, Freud asked him to explain Jewish mysticism, to which he replied, it is a body of wisdom that allows our mind to control our emotions, to which Freud said, aren’t they two continents divided by an ocean? to which the master replied, the goal is to put a bridge connecting the continents, or at least lay electrical wires underneath!


In other words – most psychology operates under the premise that emotions rules mind, while the goal and ability of Jewish mysticism is to get the mind to rule the emotions!


In fact, never before has there been such a drive to allow, to encourage! emotions to dominate man!


All people are inherently biased like a dog to a bone, towards their emotions – say for food, recognition, intercourse, drugs i.e. pleasure etc.


In our age, as people have no authoritative religion telling them what to do, people created emotions as the raison d’être, hence we find such an obsession with all pleasurable acts in the media etc. etc.


In fact, Rabbi Sholom Dovber explains, that all of Judaism is there to help us gain self discipline.


Every time you choose to refrain say from eating not kosher food, though your body doesn’t care if something is kosher or not, it merely wants what tastes good, you successfully overcome your emotional state for a conscious choice state.


Now the problem with living an emotion based life, is, that just as there are kind loving unifying emotions, there is (as the mystics told us, that God created hell, the world of negativity, in direct contradiction to heaven, the world of humility and love) hence, there are negative emotions, such as arrogance sadisms vengeance selfish pleasure instincts, and more within all man.


If we believe, that all emotions are Kosher, than we end up being pretty debased by or negative emotions when they come to the fore, particularly, when we feel entitled to them, such as after we have been ashamed; so now, we are entitled to return the “kindness” to the person who shamed us.


In Judaism, there is a very strict code of which emotions should be entertained and which not, and by following the code we then have only the positive and not the negative emotions!


In fact, the Rebbe brings down, as the Baal Shem Tov did as well, that according to one of our greatest Jewish philosophers Rabbi Saddiah Goan, man’s purpose in life is to actualize his good emotions which primarily is through overcoming his instincts for his bad emotions.


So how do we do this?


The method is through using our mind!


Imagine you had a television show on, and you can’t change the channel, so if the scene was happy or scary, sad or triumphant, so would be the emotions you would feel.


In other words, every single person has the ability to think positive, loving, good thoughts! or conversely, think negative, vengeful, angry thoughts.

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